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Congratulations!  Thank you for your purchase of “Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land”

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Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land – Click Here 
Discover how to find, buy, and flip properties–land, houses, mobile homes–in Florida or, with some modification, almost anywhere else in the United States.

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Here are some Bonus Ebooks for you!

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Find Florida Land  – Action Plan – Click Here
An action plan for finding, buying, and flipping properties–land, houses, mobile homes–in Florida or, with some modification, almost anywhere else in the United States.

The Power of Financing – Click Here
Discover how to use the power of financing to leverage property investing, find potential buyers, and maximize your profits over the long-term

Free Real Estate Forms – Swipe Files – Click Here
Save hundreds of dollars with these easy-to-use RE forms



Congratulations and thanks for your purchase!

To get the most out of these ebooks:

1.  Bookmark this website.

2.  Bookmark the websites for the individual ebooks.

3.  Download the ebooks to your electronic devices–laptop, computer, tablet, phone, or any combination of these devices.

4.  Read or at least peruse the ebooks.

5.  Take notes on your computer using a text file.  Save these text files.  Using these notes, put together an action plan–action you intend to take with goals that are measurable and specific.  By “measurable and specific” goals.

For example:
1.  Save or borrow $5,000 dollars
2.  Schedule to attend these tax deed sales
3.  Find a property to bid on
4.  Sell property with buy-it-now price and financing price

6.  Take handwritten notes.  Buy notebooks and good pens.  (Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, Walmart, Amazon, etc)  Take handwritten notes based on what you read.  Also, put together a notebook for your action plan.

7.  Read the ebooks.  Continue further research online (use for unique search results)

8.  Identify creative ways to borrow the money, arrange 50/50 property investing deals.  Also, identify ways to find properties that are bargain priced yet hold value.

9.  Plan ways to make money with property investing that are ethical and that help others.  There are a lot of bargain-priced properties out there that you can sell for a profit not being greedy.

10.  Keep track of your expenses.  Save your receipts.  Keep things organized.   A folder and notebooks can help with this.  Treat this like a business, with goals, and take it seriously while at the same time having fun and being creative.

For easy reference, bookmark this page.  Also, you can download the PDF ebooks to your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, so you have fast access to them.

Thanks again for your purchase.

Michael (Kris) Kemp


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