FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please Note:   These are not “frequently asked questions”. Rather, these are questions that you may have regarding FlipFloridaLand.com and “Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land”.

1. Who are you?

Hi. My name is Michael Kristopher Kemp. I go by the name Kris Kemp.  I wrote “Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land” after discovering some unique ways to find, buy, and flip properties in North Florida. What started out as a collection of notes eventually was shaped and edited into an ebook (Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land).

2. If this is so profitable, why are you selling e-books, etc, on how to do this? Why not just keep it to yourself and make a bunch of money?

To answer the first question, because there’s thousands of properties that almost anyone can purchase in the State of Florida. And this can be done with very little money, with a low credit score, and even using someone else’s money. As I enjoy writing, sharing information, and creative projects, I’m assembling this into informative packages so others can learn how to do this, too.

To answer the second question, “why not just keep it to yourself and make a bunch of money”? There appears to be more than enough deals to go around, and I’m exploring other creative pursuits and projects.

3. Why are you selling this course? Why not just give it away?

Good question. Generally speaking, people tend to value what they pay for. Sometimes, this appears to be the case even with friendships and with relationships. If one person invests a lot into the other person, he, often, tends to value that person that much more.

If this course were free, people may be suspicious, distrustful, treat it with scorn, and not even bother to read through the e-books. Another reason is that there are costs involved: website hosting, domain name purchase, hours of research, typing, possible autoresponder fees, etc.

4. Is this guaranteed to work?

This is not guaranteed. If you put in the time to get a basic overview of how to find, buy, and flip properties in Florida, or anywhere else in the U.S. for fun and profit, you’re likely to make some money doing this. If you dedicate about an hour a day, you’re likely to see beneficial results.

5. Is there a money-back guarantee for the course?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee for this course. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the contents of the ebook, email me at: bicycledays@yahoo.com or text me at: 347-557-5487, within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund. Once I get your request, I will refund your payment.

6. Unsure about buying “Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land”?

Bookmark this site for easy reference, so you can come back to it at your leisure. The Flip Florida Land E-book Bundle is a one-of-a-kind digital product that offers a variety of resources that provides you the knowledge, the skills, the tools that you can use to make money flipping properties in Florida, or anywhere else in the United States, for fun and profit, and make money online so you can work from anywhere in the world. Also, you’ll get additional strategies you can use to make money offline, and travel abroad on a budget that will enable you to spend less and experience more.

7. Can’t you just find this information on the internet for free?


But do you really want to spend hours researching websites and reading blog posts and watching videos?

“Make Big Profits Flipping Florida Land” offers valuable strategies and techniques that you can, hopefully, to find, buy, and flip properties–land, houses, mobile homes–in Florida or, with some modification, almost anywhere else in the United States.

8. What if I have additional questions?

email: bicycledays@yahoo.com

9. Are these strategies guaranteed to make money? These e-books reveal strategies that you can use to flip properties in Florida or anywhere else in the U.S. for fun and profit. However, due to a variety of factors, these strategies are not guaranteed to make money.

By ordering this e-book, you are agreeing and understanding that these strategies, when put into action, are likely to earn you profits.  However, these profits are not guaranteed. Expand your profits with the skills, tools, and systems that are explored in this Ebook. Order with confidence.

10. Something to think about

You can keep doing what you’re doing and getting what you’re getting. Or, you can make a choice to buy this e-book, learn the strategies, take action, and hopefully, make some money. In this way, if you make some money from what you’ve learned, this ebook is more of an investment than a cost. The money is likely to be spent one way or another. Why not spend the money on something that is an “investment”, an investment into yourself the possibilities of something better? Hopefully, this gives you something to think about.

The money is likely to be spent one way or another. But what you learn from buying this course may earn you thousands of dollars over and over again. Although this is not guaranteed to happen, the possibilities are still there. Think about it.

11. How can I contact you?

email: bicycledays@yahoo.com


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